Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Sex is important to the human being; without it, your health can decline, you can become irritable, tired, depressed, and bored in your relationships.  If you need to pick up your sex life, it may be time to do some things differently.  Talk to your partner about trying new things, and you just might be surprised by what they have to say.  Often, it is not the sex that needs improving, but your point of view on the subject…  However, if you need some new things to try, there are a lot of great ways to spice up your life in the bedroom.

Have Sex In Unexpected Places:

Instead of constantly having sex in your bedroom, move it elsewhere.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing it outside of your home, try the kitchen, on the couch, as well as the stairs…  All of these places are easy to access and will provide you with an interesting new environment for your love making.  You may also want to do it in your back yard if you live in an area that is isolated enough that no one will see you.  Other places may include a hotel room, an elevator (make sure it’s not one that has security cameras!), bathrooms, a pool, etc.  Changing the places you go for intimate time is a great way to make it much more interesting.

Be Adventurous and Try New Things:

We know it can be scary to do things out of the ordinary, and there are many things that you may not be comfortable doing.  You should still take the time to consider new things, because there are a huge variety of techniques and ideas out there that you may decide you absolutely love.  Talk to your partner about things that they are interested in that they may have not chosen to confide in your previously.  If they don’t have any ideas, take some time together to browse around different ideas on the Internet and see if anything catches your eye.

Spontaneous Sex is Often the Most Passionate:

Maybe you only have ten minutes to get out the door and on your way to work, and you were planning on eating another slice of toast, but your partner walks into the room and you can’t take your eyes off them.  That can be a great time to have a quick burst of passion.  Or else, if you wake up in the middle of the night for a glass of water, you may want to wake up your partner for some late night fun.  This makes things unexpected and much more interesting.

It’s not very difficult to improve your sex life, you just need to look at it the right way, and be willing to do things differently.  After all, the reason that you need to improve it is because what you’ve been doing before now wasn’t working out for you…  Talk to your partner, you may be surprised by how many new, exciting, and different things are out there for you to try.

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