Things to Look for in a Date

When you’re new to a relationship, you’re just starting to learn more about the person you’re with, and it can be hard to get a good read on what kind of character traits they have.  There are some traits that you will be able to see right away and others that may take some looking for…  However, you need to be careful in what you look for; most people will naturally look for the bad things in people, and this is definitely something that you will need to avoid in order to have a successful relationship.  Here is a short list of some of the best and most positive traits that you should look for in a potential date, as well as some examples of things that will help you to pick out these traits right away.

Someone who is Interesting:

Obviously, this one is easy to come up with, but you may be surprised by how many people do not consider this a valid reason to date someone.  Having an interesting personality is very important, otherwise there will be no excitement in your love life, and you will have to go through long periods of awkward silences, or sitting through the entire date completely bored.  You can pick up on this character trait simply by talking to your date, and seeing how easily the conversation flows between the two of you.

A Person who is Caring and Attentive:

A date that pays attention is one that will keep you happy, and you won’t have to wait long for them to notice that something is wrong.  You want someone who genuinely cares about you, and wants what’s best for you.  Some of the best ways to spot a date with this trait is to look for someone who notices things that other people may not have noticed, or who asks questions and seems to genuinely care about the way that you answer.

Potential Dates who are Fun to be Around:

Interesting and fun may seem like very similar traits, but both are very different.  Someone could be interesting, and still not be all that fun to be around.  Most people want someone who is lively, and makes them laugh.  This brings happiness and joy to a relationship, as well as can help bring the couple through difficult times.  How can you tell if someone you are interested in is fun?  This is something that only you can decide, as it is based completely on the way you feel in their presence.  Other people may feel completely different than you do, and you cannot depend on their opinions.

Honesty is the Best Policy in Dating:

You want to know that you can trust the person that you’re with; otherwise there are few reasons for you to be with them in the first place.  It can be hard to get an idea of whether or not someone is honest, especially if you don’t know them very well yet.  The best way to gauge how honest they are is to ask them questions frequently, and see how they react when you dislike one of their answers.  Many people will lie to try and find things in common, or to avoid hurting their date’s feelings.  If they lie about simple things like this, chances are that they are dishonest about other things in their lives too.

Someone who is Loving and Nurturing:

This is another obvious one, but it may be more difficult for you to see it in your potential dates than you might think.  You will want someone who is able to take care of you in your times of need (and we all have them), and someone who can show you the love and appreciation that you deserve.  In order to see this in your date, you may have to risk being seen as vulnerable for a few moments to see how they react.  This will give you a good way to see how they will take care of the situation, and give you the care and attention that you think you need.

These 5 characteristics are some of the best things to look for in a date, which will certainly give you an idea of what to look for during the next date you go on.  If you find someone who you are compatible with, enjoy being with, and who has some of these qualities, then you should hold on tight to them, and show them your appreciation.

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