Sexy and Romantic Gift Ideas for Couples

If you want to get your significant other, or if you have a couple that you feel needs a gift to spice up their love life, you may have a hard time deciding what might be best.  Below are 3 great gift ideas… some of them far more personal than others, so if they are gifts for people other than you and your lover, you should gift them with care.  Either way, all three of these ideas will inspire romance and passion within the couple that has received the gift.  They will certainly appreciate it.

Send them out for a Couple’s Massage:

If this is not for yourself and your date, you should ask their permission so that you can schedule it for a time that will work for them, as well as avoid invading their privacy.  Some people may not be comfortable with some types of massage.  However, if you are getting the massage for yourself, then you know what will be best for your significant other, and you can have the opportunity to surprise them.  If you can’t afford to pay for two professional massages, you can simply buy some candles, towels, and massage oil.  This will make for an intimate evening in the bedroom, and you can take turns giving each other massages.  The results will be amazing, and you can take it in any direction you see fit.

Lingerie and Sex Toys:

This is probably something that you should only buy for your own relationship, rather than for someone else… but it will have a definite impact.  It will inspire passion, and it will be difficult to get the couple in question out of the bedroom for very long once they have new toys to play with.  You can splurge on the new toys and lingerie together, and take the time to select exactly what you want to experiment with.  There are a wide variety of different options available out there, and all of them are sure to result in a great time in bed.

Condoms and Lube:

You may be able to purchase these gifts for a couple, if you know them well, and know that they will not be offended or embarrassed by the gift.  However, this is another that is best purchase for yourself and your lover.  You will know best what type of condoms work well, or what flavor/base lube is preferred by you and your date.  You may want to try a new flavor, or something that would work better for anal sex… it’s all up to you.

All of these gifts will give you a great experience in the bedroom, and can work wonders if you need to bring some romance and passion back into your love life.  If it’s been a while since you had sex, this can be a great way to hint at it, and make the idea irresistible.  Make sure, however, that if you are giving these things to someone else that they will be happy to get them, rather than upset.  These are very personal things, and will have an amazing impact if given in the right way.

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