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You’re just out of one more ho-hum relationship. You know that there are plenty more fish in the sea but seem to be having a hard time spotting a scale out there. If you want to be dating new, exciting people you need to find a way to date new, exciting people.

Get out:

In the digital media age, it’s so easy to live increasingly large portions of your life shut up in your home, alone. While online dating can be a great way to bridge the digital and physical divides, nothing beats getting back out into the world to start finding people you might want to date. You’ll be better able to gauge the looks and temperament of potential partners in the flesh and you’ll be able to shine in person, rather than being lost in a sea of online dating profiles.

To get out of the house more and to show yourself in your best light, look for activities or places that match your valued interests. If you’re a reader attending a book club can provide you a platform to show off your flair for plot analysis while looking for equally adept cuties. Casual, age appropriate groups exist for most interests in your community. Also consider volunteering to show off your warm and charitable nature.


Be visible:

Just being seen out and around town is a great start but it might not be enough to help you start clicking with all these great new people you’re meeting. While just being out in the crowd may work for some people, making yourself seen in the crowd is going to have a better rate of success. Making the effort to join in conversations which let you present your passions and convictions in clear, articulate ways can be a great first step to being noticed. It lets you jump from being ‘that guy from dance class’ to being cast as ‘the guy from dance class who spoke so well about politics’ in a quick conversation. Just make sure to listen as much as you speak and to make sure to respect the opinions your potential partners are sharing as well. You’re looking to present yourself as an articulate individual, not a crashing bore or a bully.

Balance being memorable and pleasant:

We’ve all known someone who worked just a bit too hard to be a character. He wore that dreadful coonskin cap. Or she talked endlessly about how her cats could communicate with her through song. And it was always just a bit too much. When you’re looking to market yourself as a great catch to all these bright young things you’re meeting, be careful not to try too hard to present yourself as a character.

You’ve got to walk a thin line here. You want to be yourself. But a socially acceptable, pleasant, easy to talk to version of yourself. You want to put forth the best version of yourself that’s possible. When you’re putting yourself out there to try and meet new people, always work to balance the amazing, quirky things that make you unique with a dose of normalcy to take the edge off of it. You want to be interesting. But safe. Opening up to the more exciting things about you a little at a time not only gives you a chance to better manage this information, it also gives your prospective partner something interesting to keep coming back to!

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