Kissing Tips to Spice Up Your Quality Time

Kissing is a great way to explore your partner’s body, and get closer to them.  It is a way to learn more about the person that you are with, and can greatly benefit your health (it improves mental and physical health because you are happier, and will start to burn off calories during your make-out session).  However, if you’re constantly doing the same things over and over while you kiss, then you and your partner may quickly become bored of the old routine.  Even if you’re a professional kisser, you could probably use some tips that will help you spice up the time you spend with your significant other.  Here are some suggestions that will make your time together more interesting, more passionate, and more romantic.

Trying Kissing at Different Speeds:

You can experiment with different combinations of speeds for kissing, making the pace change constantly.  This will keep it from becoming too habitual, and neither of you will be able to let your minds wander.  You can try kissing slowly, softly, and tenderly, to give your time a more romantic feel to it.  Then, after a while, try moving onto something much faster, and more passionate, so that both of you are panting and gasping for breath.  Once you need to come up for air, you can take it down a notch and spend some time exploring each other’s mouths…  All of these will work great for any couple.

Play with Ice when You Kiss:

This may seem like an odd suggestion, but it works better than you may expect.  Before you start kissing, place a piece of ice in your mouth to freeze your tongue, lips, and teeth; this will give your partner an amazing sensation, and be fun for you as well.  You can also try drinking hot liquids, which will heat your mouth—together these make for a wonderful and interesting kissing experience.

Do Different things with Your Tongue:

Many people like to use their tongues when they kiss, but when they do, they are unsure of how to do it right, and may feel awkward doing it.  You should choose to either slowly explore your partner’s mouth, and possibly playing with the space between their teeth and lips, or you can trace your tongue along the outside of their lips.  You can also choose to have your partner explore your mouth with their tongue, and play with it in your mouth; suck on it, tease it, caress it, etc.  Either way, it is difficult to go wrong—just remember to be confident or else it may feel awkward and unsure to your partner.

Take a Break from the Lips and Move Elsewhere:

Just because you’re making out does not mean that you can only kiss your partner’s lips.  Instead, take some time to let them breathe—or gasp for breath due to your kisses elsewhere on their body.  It can be incredibly romantic to kiss your partner’s neck, their collar bone, chest, down their arms to their finger tips, as well as kiss elsewhere on their face.  The more kisses you plant on them, the more excited they will become.  This is a great way to liven up your kissing time.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Teeth:

Many couples will be afraid to use their teeth in kissing, but the truth is that it can make your time together incredibly erotic and exciting.  You don’t have to bite hard or leave a mark in order to arouse your partner, but a gentle nip to the neck or ear is enticing.  If you don’t feel comfortable using your teeth, then you can always use some pressure and suck with your lips—just be careful not to leave a mark if your partner doesn’t want you to.

These are great ways to improve your time kissing, and will have wonderful results.  Never again will you be bored during your make-out sessions, and you will always be able to come up with new things to try.

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