How to End a Date Gone Wrong

First dates are hard, and starting out in a new relationship can be rough—especially if the first date starts to go horribly wrong.  You shouldn’t have to worry about looking rude and leaving before the date is even halfway done, but you also shouldn’t have to sit through a date where nothing is going right.  Here are some ways to help get you out of there without offending your date, and still having a chance of going on a second date that will go in the direction you want it to.

Pretend You Don’t Feel Well, and that You Need to Go Home:

While many people have a hard time acting, this can be a great way to get out of a date gone terribly wrong.  If you can pull off this kind of act, and the situation really calls for it, then you may want to consider faking a sudden illness.  You can pretend that you have a migraine, stomach ache, or something else.  This method is sort of rude, but it is certainly effective in most situations (so long as your date doesn’t want to accompany you home to assist you and nurse you back to health… and this probably won’t work well if your date is a doctor); make sure that you apologize profusely, and offer to reschedule the date for a time when you are feeling better.

Get an “Emergency Text” So that You Have to Run Off:

If you need a quick escape, and are truly desperate, this method will work well for you.  Check your phone, pretend to read a text for a few moments, and give yourself enough time to re-read it and let a panicked expression spread across your face.  This will make it much more realistic, and your date will most likely not even suspect that you are faking.  This is rude to do, and you should really only do it if you are desperate, and don’t intend to plan a second date in the near future.

Be Honest About How You Feel, and Talk it Out:

This is probably the best way to get out of a date, and is the least likely to cause problems between the two of you later.  If a date is going badly, explain to the person that you are with that you think it would be best to end the date there for the night, because luck just isn’t with you on that particular day.  Don’t blame them or yourself for anything that went wrong, just blame it on bad luck, and ask if they would like a rain check for a day when the universe might be on your side.  They will be happy that you want to give it another try, and it is best to be honest about the way you feel, even if it might upset them.

Give even bad first dates a shot, because some dates may improve as the two of you relax and get to know each other better.  I wouldn’t suggest leaving a date right away, but if you have to end a date gone wrong, then these are some of the very best ways to do it.  And, if you are going to use one of the first two methods, give your date a bit of time to calm down so that it doesn’t look as though you’re fleeing as soon as one thing happened that you didn’t like.

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