Seduction Tips for your first encounter

 It is the first time you guys see each other and odds are you like him or her a lot, so you have to see if you have caused the same impression. So, before you approach him or her, you should begin by sending the message through body language, you will soon notice what is up.  We encourage you to pay attention to detail. To do this you will need the following:

- Smile: A smile at the right time becomes not only a sign of affection but also a way to make the other person feel relaxed and accepted, if the other person smiles back, you’re on track.

- The look must be always in the eye. Resting your eyes on the pupil of the desired person is an essential part of courtship. If you really feel the desire to approach and meet, the brightness of your eyes will betray you. Likewise, if you also notice the gleam in his or her eye, it means that there is hope.

- Your hands speak for you: follow body language. The open hand is an inevitable sign of openness and demonstrates sincerity and confidence. Necessary steps to initiate lovemaking. The pressure and duration of greeting also give signals that are feeling the same.

- Ask him or her about his or her name, but get yourself something original and that make you feel special.

- Start the conversation, but not overdo it: At first, talk about deep things, not too complicated, unless you have noticed the other person is really interested in what you’re saying. Do not talk much at the moment about you, or do it in moderation and sense of humour.

- Continue with a good sense of humour, make him or her laugh and laugh at yourself. Try to maintain an air of confidence and self-sufficiency, as if you controlled the world.

According to many experts, if in the first date you notice that there is chemistry there, do not give time to say no. Instead, propose making him or her go slowly so as not to reject and ensure your next meeting.


Do not rush onto anything. Do not do everything the other person suggests, it is best if you take your time and debate about the proposed.

Additional tips

  • For him- Bring a detail; it will be lovely from the beginning if you are so attentive, the ideal is a flower, see language of flowers, which is ideal for that convey the right message.  It is advisable to go to the movies during the first dates are rarely known, it is best to attend where they can talk comfortably as a bar, but be careful not to overdo the drink. Make sure that the appointment is no more than eight hours. Moreover, we emphasize, on the fact that you should not forget the compliments.
  • For her- Whenever you are together do not look at anyone else. Moreover, remember you should never share the bill during the 1st dates, surely he will offer to pay. Remember to avoid talking about you all the time and if he does, simply laugh in a casual manner.

Thanks to these tips, you can enjoy your first encounter like never before. It is always a matter of keeping the right attitude all along. Odds are, you may meet that prince charming or your beloved Cinderella.


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