Winning First Date Ideas

Most men love to lay-on the charm especially on their first date. They conjure up extravagant plans with which to floor the date of their dreams. While some men who are super rich can actually go through with their plans the other mere mortals have to make do with something less grand. Don’t despair though; less expensive dates are not necessarily less exciting. With a little bit of careful thought and planning you can make a picnic in the park as exciting as a trip to the moon.

Picnic in the park

Prepare an exciting picnic hamper full of your date’s favorite foods. Get a picnic mat and a bunch of flowers to add a touch of old-world romance. Don’t forget to bring along a chilled bottle of wine so the two of you could chill out and relax in each other’s company as you get to know each other better. Try flying a kite together. It’s more fun than you can imagine and the park’s a perfect place for it.

Spend the day at the Beach

What better way to spend the day than at the beach! There’s plenty for both of you to do- take an exciting ride on a jet ski or speed boat or hire a yacht for a leisurely cruise. Ride the waves on a wind surfer or just lie on the beach and soak up the sun. Indulge in some exciting seafood for a perfect date at the beach.

Fly High or Dive Low

Make your day at the beach even more exciting – go parasailing and get a bird’s eye view of the world or go scuba diving and see the fish’s point of view. Both are exhilarating activities and neither of you would never forget this first date.

Have an Adventure

Find a common ground and arrange to go on a small easy trek or a long rugged one up the mountains or you could indulge in some rock climbing if that’s more your thing.

Life is a game

You could organize a day at the golf course or at the tennis courts, if that’s what you both love most. If watching others play sounds more exciting arrange for season tickets for the entire NBA series or the Football World Cup.

Let the Music Play On

If music is a passion with both of you organize tickets for an upcoming classical musical concert or maybe a jazz show or a rock concert. If you can afford it, get tickets to the opera and reserve seats at the best restaurant in town for a fine dinner after the show.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Anyone?

For that ultimate extravagance (and if you can afford it) why not charter a private plane and arrange to have breakfast in Japan, lunch atop the Eiffel Tower and dinner in Las Vegas – all in one day. Spend the rest of the night gambling at the casinos there and if you’re lucky you could win back all the money you spent on this uber-extravagant date.

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