Top tips to Seduce a Casanova Man

Top tips to Seduce a Casanova Man

While each person is different there are certain things that are common at the time of seduction. Here we put together a list of amazing sex dating  tips to consider, when looking to conquer that Casanova man who captivates you.

1. Don’t be evident

Emphasize on the fact that you should not be obvious, you need to be yourself, trying to maximize your resources and balancing with other attitudes. Dress sexy but do not wear something unusual, select clothes according to your own personality. Being suggestive brings a lot in this aspect, but not too much because you might scare him.

2. Eye contact during the dialogue

It is important that you feel cared and heard. Studies claim that eye contact can encourage that, unconsciously, the other person feels attracted to you.

3. Physical Appearance

Men do not always require you to be a model, slim, tall, wonderful, etc. There is a coincidence linked to hating makeup along with the use of extremely flashy clothes or perfume. It is not good to overdo it.

4. Body Language

Smile, and communicate that you feel comfortable. Also, demonstrate acceptance and enthusiasm. It is a positive, contagious attitude, and you will receive much of the same. You can talk about issues that are socially created; however, too much of the same is never good.

6. Remain mysterious

You might want to remain mysterious. Do not expose all your card, play smartly. How you act and handle yourself is a main aspect. It’s a good challenge trying to win an independent woman and someone that does not take life lightly.

7. Compliments

They are good but, as they always say, do not exaggerate. The ego of men, of any person, is always a good point of attack. Praising in the right measure adds a lot, but not in an excessive way. Moreover, remember that lies are not good. Carefully apply your compliments or else you will feel disappointed. Some men become arrogant.

8. Common themes

As mentioned above you can address various topics but not leaving your femininity. Details can also be interesting. You can use your feminine tools to keep him amused. It is about thinking outside the box. Where is your heart?

9. Be comprehensive

We all need a little understanding. While the man you are with may seem strong and determined, you may need to be cautious. There are some issues and / or particular topics you may need to pay more attention. If you advise based on what they think best given the situation dealt with, odds are, he will be comforted and encouraged to feel more confident around you. That’s very good!

10. Taking the initiative

If the subject is getting longer and you are somehow bored, or if he appears to be the ideal person for you, simply risk it all! You must play your cards the right way.

With honesty and as long as you have understood all of the above tips, everything will be ok. Just be spontaneous, witty and subtly you can say more than words. Remember, an intelligent man will not take this kind of attitude, avoid something out of place, and act accordingly!

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