The Art of TXT Messaging

The Art of Txt Messaging

Today, one of the best ways to communicate is through text messages. Dating and getting to know your partner can be improved easily! They must be short, concise in order to help communicate properly. They must be significant and not entangled in long speeches. The main benefit is that messages are fast and instant.


The funny part is that many individuals use it as an excuse not to face situations in certain contexts, for example, to cancel appointments with a Message of Style such as “I cannot make it today, then he or she tells you, you cannot imagine.” While this is a disappointing message, it leaves the other person with a feeling that something bad really happened, and the truth is that this is often not true. This is like a way to invent an excuse easily. Well, men also use text messages in an elusive manner or to end something, it is a fact!

Confirmation method

Text messages are great to confirm dates “we are on for 8:00 pm at the main entrance of the mall “, “I’m sure it will be a fantastic day today “, etc. Text messages are an excellent communication tool and can be very useful when you’re dating someone. However, we must consider some things that do not use them improperly and cause misunderstandings. Below, we give you some very brief rules about text messages and how you should write them:

1. Do not make jokes via text messages: Written communication can be interpreted in many ways; you cannot even ensure that the tone of the writing is the tone that will be read. For instance, you can write something you find funny and the person may misunderstand it, because it is not the same joke face to face over 170 words, and let me tell you this: nothing is more boring than to clarify a misunderstanding caused by text messages. Spare the jokes, irony and sarcasm when it comes to meeting with the person.

2. Do not write messages to cancel appointments: If you do not want to see a person again calls him or her to cancel plans. Text messages are not an excuse to be rude, at least what one should do is to face the problem. This is why, you should pick up the phone (or answer) and say you’re not going to be able to make it, for whatever reason, and perhaps eventually your schedule may get complicated so you will not know the time- simply alert to postpone. That’s it! The same applies when you will be arriving late for an appointment or meeting. We recommend, being responsible and respectful.

3. Do not ask someone out via text message: When a man you barely know invites you out via text message (as used above all for the timid), they take it as disinterest- For instance, as if inviting out due to obligation, duty or something. Moreover, this can be even perceived as if the guy in question has no character, pants, or whatever to risk capture personally and ask, immediately. Believe it or not, some fear rejection.

It is important to master the art of txt messaging. Adult dating experts invite you to become a master to leave fears aside. Risk it all and transmit your inner intentions and desires.


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