Surprise your lover with aphrodisiacs

Surprise your lover with aphrodisiacs

Everyone look for ways to surprise their partner and although there are several details and options out there, it is never enough for anyone who wants to show love in all its manifestations. Chocolates, stuffed animals and flowers are a classic yet timeless. Yet, when it comes to spicing things up, there are basics such as food supplements that can stimulate an evening full of surprises for both.

Take your time

You can prepare a special dish for a dinner of two. You must know the tastes of the other person, for instance, you should find out what amounts are enough to please with a tasty meal and know what are those ingredients that may lead a quiet dinner an unforgettable lovemaking session. For the election of these products, take more time than expected.

Aphrodisiac meal

We suggest thinking outside the box. You can make an aphrodisiac meal. This will awaken your lover senses, but it is necessary to include elements that give energy and iodine found in salted products such as shellfish. These activate the senses of the body after being assimilated.

For example, oysters, with tart flavors and nuances of alcohol will also bring a touch of passion, but remember to use only the necessary amounts, as it may cause unexpected and contrary effect. The use of hot spices is also a good resource when it comes to raising levels of passion. Remember that the burning sensation in the mouth and stomach can play for a close couple.

Many options

Fruits also play their role, and the more acidic as apples, strawberries and limes are foods that release endorphins, hormones that influence the exaltation of the senses. Caviar also provides vitamins and follicular acid that are capable of recovering the body’s cells and responsible for the creation of endorphins. Italian wine has a great share of responsibility and recommend is that many ingredients in its composition and capacity of stimulus relations.

As recommended by experts and couple therapists, each individual must rethink the conquest of another person with meals that include ingredients such as those mentioned above and if possible to prepare these dishes with great frequency.


This is not the first time you have probably heard or read “Chocolate is the sweet passion.” Are you wondering whether it is true or not that chocolate has aphrodisiac properties? If you want to learn more about this controversial delicacy and put an end to the myth, do not lose sight of the details that are shared below:

  • Studies of all kinds, even performed many decades ago, say that eating chocolate may be of benefit to the person.
  • Among other benefits, it can prevent cardiovascular disease, cholesterol problems and to the surprise of many, may reduce the risk of cancer.
  • With respect to stimulating properties, we found very surprising data among which we highlight the following.
  • According to recent studies, scientists say that a kiss could be much stronger after consuming chocolate. This was checked by the heartbeats were more frequent in couples who had consumed.
  • It has substances that liberate pleasure, such as phenylethylamine and theobromine, which are released by the brain in situations of high arousal.


If you are ready to follow our advice, you will soon notice that it serves as a powerful stimulant for the infatuation. The above will make you and your lover feel euphoria and sense of well being!

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