How to seduce a shy man

Dating is all about making wise choices. Remember that we are all different and you cannot really apply the same game tactics with each individual. The approach must be studied- at least to some extent. Are you wondering how to seduce a shy guy? Here we share a step by step how to guide. You will be able to learn from a 3-step approach that may appear slow, but you will have success without scaring him away.

First Look

The first contact is important. If the shy guy works nearby, it is very easy to catch him in the coffee shop, drinking alone in the room. You should just go by and say a strong “Hello.” You just need that; he must notice you are there. If he does not answer the Hello, nothing happens. Try during the next 3 days. That is, every day with Energy: a simple hello.  The 3 days say hello, sit near him and ask, “How are you?”. It seems that most men like to be challenged- do not appear desperate.

Brief talk

When sitting next to him, although this is called “small talk”, you will lead everything. You have to make it due to his shyness or else he will not speak. But do not worry; you have to make him feel totally comfortable with you. How do you do this? Well, just talking. Share office things, discuss about the environment, how was your day, anything irrelevant, what matters is that lots of words come out of your mouth. Hold this dialogue for at least 5-10 minutes. This will help him become familiar with you and will help him gain self-confidence.

Try to be more natural and not so kamikaze. Once past these 3-4 days he will already be familiar enough with you and you’ve probably talked a little bit. Now you are ready to ask him out informally. Do not make him feel under attack and allow “friendship” to flow freely.

Informal invitation

It’s time to take the next step. When you get to talk to him informally invite him to drink with you, don’t be afraid of rejection. You have to make him feel comfortable, without forcing him to say yes, and without hinting that you want something, only hinting that you want to go for a drink with him, period. Something like:

You: Tell me what time you are free to leave and grab a drink

Him: Well … I leave at 8

You: I leave at 8 as well, so we can grab a coffee, ok?

He will probably say yes. If he says no more than 3 days hold conversations with him and try again- And from there, in the event, it’s all about what you do and how you handle yourself from now on.

Most women fall onto a superficial category. They believe it is all about getting physical and get dressed pretty well. You have probably done it all. Take it slow and see how this actually goes. You should not limit yourself. Dating can be a lot of fun, try to meet as many people as possible. Don’t give up, that shy cute guy can be with you today.

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