7 Important Dating Tips For Men

Women are unpredictable at best and the thought of going on a date with one can make most men quiver at the knees – either with nervousness or excitement or both. Should you put on the old chivalrous act or should you treat her as an equal? It’s a real tightrope walk for most men.

Don’t Be Late For Your Date

Talk about first impressions! You may never get a chance to impress your date at all. She’ll be gone if you take too long. Women hate being made to wait- their minds go into overdrive as they wonder if they’re being stood up and then it wanders off to the zillions of things they could have been doing instead. After a while your date may actually go off to do those zillion thing and you’ll find yourself stood up – and deservedly so.

Look Dapper

Women love it when a man looks like he has taken some trouble over his appearance. After all she’s spent hours primping and preening in front of the mirror trying to look special for this date; she would expect her date to have taken at least a few minutes to look dapper. You don’t have to undergo any elaborate beauty treatment – it’s the small things put together that make up one attractive you. All you need to do is shower, shave, iron your clothes, polish your shoes and you’re ready! You look smart, feel smart and you’re ready to make that most important first impression.

Flower Power

Women love receiving gifts any time of the year, no matter what the reason or the season. And what better time to get her a gift than on a date. That’s enough to knock her off her feet. You could never go wrong with a bunch of flowers. Or better still, a single red rose. Most women would love and appreciate the gesture. It allows them show the world, without having to say a word that they are with someone special.

Be a Gentleman

Show your date that chivalry isn’t dead. Hold the door open as walks through the door, pull the chair out for her, lay across the floor so she can walk across the puddle without spoiling her expensive shoes. Well, maybe not. But you get the point. Feminist or not, most women get bowled over by these little acts of gallantry.
Compliment, Compliment, Compliment

Women love compliments. The first thing you should say after ‘hullo’ is to tell her how gorgeous she looks. Keep it up all evening, never taking your eyes off her and she will be yours forever.

Listen more, Talk Less

Women want to know the real you but more important they want to tell you about themselves. So ask your date questions and listen intently as she talks. She will leave with the impression that you are the best conversationalist she has ever met, even if you have not said more than a few words.

To Kiss or Not To Kiss

That really is the question. And there is no easy answer. Look for the little signs and the body language that will provide you the answer to this dilemma.

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